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Organic chicken breast raised with no hormones/antibiotics, (de-boned/skinned and fat removed by hand), Organic pumpkin, Organic rosemary herbs (preservative), Organic ground Cinnamon. 


*Treat your furry family member to a well-deserved afternoon snack! An excellent source of protein and aid in upset or sensitive stomach. A delicious fun-filled creative snack filled with fiber that helps with their digestive system! A wonderful choice of an afternoon snack/pick-me-up for your precious pup. Jam-packed with the finest locally sourced ingredients; you can trust our

Vet-Recommended treats- your pup will love you for it! Only four pure organic ingredients!


*all ingredients are organic, hand-chosen, and locally sourced.


• no chemical preservatives

• no growth hormones 

• no artificial coloring

• no artificial flavoring

Fresh Chicken Pumpkin Sushi Roll

  • Please reseal and refrigerate treat upon receivement; all treats are holistically made with humane ingredients- absolutely no chemical preservatives . Please follow sell by date (stamped on physical treat bag) for optimal freshness. *see back label for detailed information- image #5*

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